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Hello welcome to llapingacho a place to share everything regarding the arts.  To start things off I have made a compilation to share.  It was made to re build a relationship that went astray.  It is a feeble attempt to re build a bridge that was burnt months ago.

So grace me with your attention.

The tracks I picked :

Phoenix : Love Like a Sunset Part I

I found this to be a very suitable intro.  Believe it or not I just got turned on to Phoenix.  A friend of mine is a big fan and finally got me to listen.  Loved them!

The Bird & The Bee : I’m A Broken Heart

I love this band because of how I discovered them.  I went to see Lily Allen play in a small dive.  I really only knew one song of  hers at the time.  But what stole the show for me was this group.  Which is not really a group so much as 2 members.  The singer and the composer.  So amazing that it got me thru lady Allen’s drunken set which was followed up by her hunt for narcotics.

Wayne Shorter : Footprints

Jazz………I have been learning to love Jazz.  I always liked it but never loved it.  I was blessed with a lot of Jazz  albums due to the fact my friend felt the need to educate me.  Still learning.

The Police : Does Everyone Stare

No explanation needed 😉

Deftones : 976-EVIL

I am a long time fan of this band.  I can listen to everything they put out and love it.  This is from there new album.  I have been hesitant to listen to the whole thing yet.  I believe in digest a good album bit by bit.

Phoenix : Love Like a Sunset Part II

Part II had to include it.

Arctic Monkeys : 505

I just saw this band a month ago.  Amazing in all the sense of the word.  They closed with this song and brought the house down.  This song is truly a gem.

Click here to download compilation

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