Album Covers : The Sound Canvas

I have been collecting music for a very long time.  Everything from single rare cassettes to odd 45’s.  Around the mid 90’s I started collecting vinyl records.  I would spend hours on end in Salvation Armies,  Used book stores and garage sales trying to locate some rare album or just something that would catch my eye.  Apart from the music there were some albums that just stood out because of there visual aesthetic.

Now there are not many places to find vinyl and mostly everything is online now.  I want to share with you some sites I came across.

Bizarre Records : Introduced to me by my friend David .  A true collection of weird and creative album covers.

Logan Walters : I love the Idea of Wu-Tang classic dressed with a blue note classic feel.  Logan Walters is also known for doing cover for the underground mash up “Wu-Tang  vs. the Beatles: Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers”

LP Cover Lover : Great Site, great covers, very concise.  It even has a Wheel of Fortune that gives you Album covers at random.

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