The Icarus Line

The Icarus Line is a compilation I made for this loser I knew.  What makes this different then the others I have been putting up is the fact tat it was done in 2003.  He found it in his collection after I had been bugging him for almost a year to find it.  A lot of the bands I still love but more then that there are some crazy covers that i found with that program Kazaa.  I was going through a weird ‘Doors’ faze that is very evident on this compilation.  Enjoy this blastr from the past I did.

P.s. – Excluded one track that actually is track listed.  There are some tracks no one needs to hear again.

deftones : Minerva (instrumental) : Bugs
guns & roses : Mr.Brown Stone
ryan adams : Is this it (the strokes cover)
the doors : Awake
david bowie feat. MJK & John Frusciante : Bring Me the Disco King (danny lohner mix)
sonic youth : Into the Groove (madonna cover)
the doors : A Feast Of Friends
radiohead : Street Spirit (fade out)
nin : Dead Souls (joy division cover)
lp : My December (remix)
the doors : The Carnival Doors
pantera : Planet Caravan (black sabbath cover)
bruce springsteen : The Ghost of Tom Joad
alice in chains : Blue (demo)
buzzcocks : Ever Fallen In Love? (with Someone You Shouldn’t Have)
red hot chili peppers : Tiny Dancer (elton john cover)
ghost cat feat. or:eo : Return of the Rat (wipers cover)
the doors : Riders on the Storm (movie script version)
Stina Nordenstam : People Are Strange (the doors cover : UNKLE remix)

>> Click here to download compilation <<

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