Smashing Pumpkins : Today (Japanese CD Single)

From the art to the songs this is truely a beautiful single.  I love the pastel colors in the picture.  It gives it a old photo quality to it.  ‘Today’ was never one of my favorite songs but the single was a must buy.  My favorite is song is ‘French Movie Theme’.  Only the Japanese version carries all 5 tracks that are scattered around variouse versions.  Wierd side note: The track listing online is different then the version I have.

1.     “Today”       3:22

2.     “Hello Kitty Kat”       4:32

3.     “Obscured”       5:20

4.     “French Movie Theme”       3:49

5.     “Apathy’s Last Kiss”       2:42

The Smashing Pumpkins:  Today

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