Computer [blue] : original motion picture soundtrack

With this mixtape I wanted more of a cinematic approach.  Doing this mixtape reminded me of a ’90’s soundtrack to a futuristic physiological thriller that revolved around computers and technology.  Sounds like a bad pitch?  Believe it or not this is probably how most pitches went in the ’90’s.  I can not claim that the movie would be good but I bet I could have done a better job then ‘Hackers‘!

DJ Shadow : Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain
Ely Guerra : Bumeran
DJ Krush Feat. Jun Sawada : Deltaforest
Queens Of The Stone Age : I Was A Teenage Hand Model
The Chemical Brothers : The Boxer (DFA Remix)
Ximena Sariñana : Love Again
Fantômas : Night Of The Hunter (Remix)
Chàteau Flight : Campion Jazz
Soda Stereo : 1990
Boozoo Bajou feat. Tony Joe White : Keep Going

>> FMD <<

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