DIYP >> Steph Velastegui : No Name Just Melodies

My name is Steph Velastegui & I love music!  I am the first to create a playlist for llapingacho’s DIYP (Do It Yourself Playlist).  If you love good music and have any taste at all you will love my playlist.  If not suck it!

‘No Name Just Melodies’ was created with meaningful songs that I always hear every day in my daily routine.  I chose this playlist because I love lyrics and every sound transports me to imaginary places.  I hope you enjoy ‘No Name Just Melodies’, it’s a lovely playlist for everyone to enjoy and escape with.

Phantogram > 10.000 claps
Crosses  ††† > Bermuda locke†
Soundgarden > The day i tried to live (video version)
A Perfect Circle > Blue (bird shake mix)
Bjork > The modern things
Sonic Youth > Sugar Kane
The Mars Volta > Televators
Team sleep > Ever (foreign flag)
Death Cab For Cutie > You are a tourist
Fun Lovin’ Criminals > Scooby snacks
Incubus > Adolecents
Peter, Bjorn & John > Young Folks
Yeah Yeah Yeahs > Maps
The Strokes > Under cover of darkness
The Kills > The last goodbye
Interpol > Public pervert
MGMT > Time to pretend

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One Response to DIYP >> Steph Velastegui : No Name Just Melodies

  1. brunobrutanza says:

    Un playlist equilibrado y enigmático, me ha sorprendido la egemonía con la que haz enlazado musicalmente a todas estas bandas entre sí, a pesar de que difieren en la estética del sonido, todos estos temas comparten un mismo beat!
    Lo he descargado satisfactoriamente y sincronizado en este momento en mi iPad.
    La foto está soberbia! Me es familiar, jejeje

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