Nirvana : Buenos Aires 1992

10/30/92 – Estadio José Amalfitani / Buenos Aires, Argentina: The band opened with an unknown song that may be a cover. They played the intro to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” twice just to tease the disrespectful, male-dominated crowd. For the first verse of “Come As You Are,” Kurt just said “hey” over and over instead of singing the words. During “Polly,” Dave played a toy drum kit. After “Polly,” a fairly long, bass-driven jam was played.

unknown/Nobody Knows I’m New Wave
Smells Like Teen Spirit (intro)
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Drain You
Spank Thru
Come As You Are
Lounge Act
About A Girl
In Bloom
Territorial Pissings
Been A Son
On A Plain
Negative Creep (video cuts in)
All Apologies
Endless, Nameless

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