Concert Review: Enrique Bunbury – Musical Man or Musical Vampire?

Written by David Campos (@magicdave1983)

Live at the Fillmore Miami Beach: Miami Beach, FL – 12/1/2011

There are young teenagers strumming guitar chords as we speak who are dreaming of the moment when the stage lights are on them and the roaring sound of the crowd crashes like a tidal wave. They have come from far and wide to experience you. They will hear you perform, but will they see you perform? The rock ‘n roll lifestyle is as much as an art as it is actually playing the instrument. In simple terms, it comes down to two words: stage presence. Stage presence can include many things: confidence, dance movement, sex appeal, vocal emotion, interaction with the audience, the list can go on and on.  If you have stage presence mastered as much as your actual music, then you can charm someone like a snake during a live performance who has never even heard your music before that night. On that note, I can once again simplify this in two words: Enrique Bunbury.

My, my, my…what can I say about Enrique Bunbury? Let’s start with this: I had seen him once before at the Fillmore Miami Beach even before it was the Fillmore Miami Beach. The first thought that came to me the second time he graced the stage was the following: “Wasn’t this guy older when I saw him last time?” This gave me reason to believe that he was a vampire. He must be feeding on loyal fans that are willing to give their necks to him just to be at his feet. His whole band looked like they were vampires and Bunbury was the leader who had the hundreds of years of experience to lead them. His music has this gritty, cowboy/blues/b-movie quality that gets your blood pulsing at the edge of your veins. If HBO Latin America ever decided to remake their horror television series True Blood for its Latin American audience, hands down this is the man, or vampire, you want for the theme song. Could you imagine a Spanish version of Jace Everett’s “Bad Things” belting out of Bunbury’s exceedingly large radius of a mouth? I’d so watch Verdadera Sangre just to hear it! Special thanks to Xavier G. Campos (@cerati9) for the epic pic below!

With a 70s-esque fire flame suit and skull stacked microphone stand, this guy just oozed his musical aphrodisiac amongst all the women there, and I’m sure some guys too, this is Miami Beach after all. He had his trusty guitar which he probably at a game of cards in some old tavern in Spain, his tango stances, his Elvis hip gyrations, his Jim Morrison frock of hair and his massive heart belt buckle. There was a woman a few rows behind me who was watching in a sex-like trance, just waiting for the order to take off her clothes. During the encore, he does what any rock ‘n roll star does: jump off stage and march into the arms of your adoring fans. He circles the entire lower tier of concert hall. At about the half way mark, the sex-tranced woman grabs him and lip locks him like a good groupie would. He pulls away, and continues his crowd march back to the stage. It was pretty badass to watch this badass vampire rock the room the way he did.  He made sure his presence was heard and seen. This man’s sixth sense is rock ‘n roll. His wild, animated, exuberant mannerisms and performance makes for a true bloody good time.

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