Taking Out The Music Trash: Funny Hip-Hop Album Covers

 I was cleaning this weekend and felt the need to get rid of records that I would never listen to.  Suffice to say that 40% of my current collection was crap so it was not hard.  In the process I came across some oddities I wanted to share. Enjoy 😉

This should have been a Sir Mix-a-Lot cover.

This album is so gangster the booking agents name is ‘Ryan Hood!’

 Public Announcement: Do you think he regrets his tattoo?

Akinyele probably still plays at a strip club near you.

Country Music + Rap Music = I am so happy I threw this album away!

I do not think I fit the description of people that feel this hence I never felt this.

It never went down.

Master P called he wants his bad taste back.

Wolverine: If he was not a X-men and sold weed.

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