Pearl Jam : Self Pollution Radio 1995 (Mixtape)


Browsing the ‘interweb’ I came across a website that had tons of rare pearl jam demos & live signature songs from the band. Pearl Jam has become one of my favorite bands over the years and the older i get the more I love them. I know this because when I come across a web site that has something obscure by the band I get gitty like a child at Christmas.

On this discovery I came across there 1995 Self Pollution Radio Session. Being that I grew up overseas I never experienced Pearl Jam taking over the air waves with their own radio show.

To say the least this was a huge find for me.  I do have another SPR session but from 2000 which I recorded myself on cassette when I was studying in Seattle.

Since the whole session is (5 CDs Long) I created a mixtape of sorts.  This is now a gift I will be giving a good friend of mine who goes by the name ‘El Papanatas.’

Pearl Jam // Aye Davanita
Eddie Vedder
Sonic Youth // Teenage Riot
Matt Lukin
Jeff Mix Tape // Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, Veruca Salt, Henry Miller, Noam Chomsky
Mad Season // Lifeless Dead (live)
Mad Season // I Don’t Know Anything (live)
Babes in Toyland // Pain in My Heart
Soundgarden // Fell on Black Days (live)
Soundgarden // No Attention (live)
Mike Watt & Kathleen Hanna
Pearl Jam // Corduroy (live)
Pearl Jam // Not For You (live)

>> FMD <<

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