Si tan sólo pudiera dormir…

In 2000 I ventured into the Latin Alternative world of music. First let me explain what that means via Wikipedia:

“Latin Alternative, or Alterlatino, is the brand of latin music produced by combining genres like alternative rock, electronica, metal, New Wave, pop rock, punk rock, reggae, heavy metal or ska with traditional Latin American sounds. Because these genres are generally considered to fall under the broad Rock en Español or Latin Rock category, media coverage started to use the word ‘Latin Alternative’, especially in the United States.”

Interning for a distributer/indie label called DLN/Delanuca I was introduced to a long list of bands that were trying to make it in this semi new scene. One of the bands that caught my ear was ‘Manjar de los Dioses.’  I remember being introduced to an Alternativo tribute to The Cure called ‘Porque No Puedo Ser Tu’ which was pretty good.  Amongst the bands on the album one track stood out and it was the cover of ‘If Only Tonight We Could Sleep.’

Why did this song stand out?  It is a rare moment that a cover song stirs your interest into the band it is covering.  I new some cure songs at the time but I was a devoted fan per say so my first true interest into The Cure came from this one cover song.

‘Si Solamente Pudiesemos Dormir Esta Noche’ was a perfect song let alone a perfect rendición of the original.  I am a fan of the Deftones but not even they could pulled the emotional energy out of this cover like El Manjar de lo Dioses. From the trip hop themed build up to the haunting love lost voice this songs is perfection.  This song drips sexuality in-between ever single verse.  They truly made this song theirs and til’ this day I have not ever heard a better version.

I got into the Puerto Rican band’s album ‘Alucinando’ which had the cover song also.  But nothing in their career ever stood up to this cover song.

Si tan sólo pudiéramos dormir
En una cama de flores
Si tan sólo pudiéramos volar
A donde quiso mortal

Si tan sólo nos deslizarnos
En la inmensidad de aguas obscuras
Y respira
Y respirar …

Un ángel vendrá
Con sus ojos flamantes como estrellas
Y nos cobijara en terciopelo de sus brazos

Y la lluvia y La lluvia llorar

Si tan sólo pudiera dormir

Si tan sólo pudiera dormir

Si tan sólo pudiera dormir….

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