So what’cha what’cha what’cha want (what’cha want?)

…was the hook that changed me forever.  The first time I heard about these Three MC’s and One DJ was the summer of ’92.  I remember my cousin showed me the awesome cover of the cassingle and me being very interested in what this was about.  As soon as I Mario Caldato Jr. opening keys I was entranced!  I could compare it to the first time most people heard Purple Haze from Hendrix.  Funky guitar riffs and 70’s fuzzy keys swooped in between their distorted voices.  There was nothing like this in neither hip hop nor music in general!  From that moment forward I willingly bought into the gospel that was The Beastie Boys!

Check Your Head became the soundtrack of me and my friend’s youth.  There was not a moment I we did not quote or reference to that album in every day conversation.  That album and group became the standard for what we considered good music.  Soon after sharing and dubbing a million tapes for my friends I commenced to collect their back catalog which was diverse encyclopedia of punk, urban & alternative music that just got better the more you listened to it.

In the wake of MCA’a loss today I want to share a best of collection of rare gems I have.  You might have some of these but I know you don’t have them all them.  Please enjoy this gift and pass it on to all lovers of music.  I believe that musicians never really die as long as there music is heard.

The Vibes
Gratitude (Live At Budokan)
New Style
Finger Lickin’ Good (Government Cheese Remix)
Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix)
Mullet Head
So What’cha Want (Live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
(R)Evolution Time (Previously Unreleased)
Sure Shot (European B-Boy Mix)
Dr. Lee PhD (Dub Mix) (featuring Lee “Scratch” Perry and Money Mark)
Son Of Neck Bone
Sure Shot (Nardone Mix)
Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win Feat. Santigold (Z-Trip’s Evil Twin Remix)
Stand Together (Live At Frenchs’s Tavern, Sydney, Australia)
Honky Rink

>> FMD <<

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