Come out of the closet ‘Missing Persons’ fans & just admit it!

Written By Matthew Meichle

Hello everyone, I am back for round two. My last blog entry might have been a little long-winded, but I had a lot to say. Now, I want to stay true to the 80’s for a bit.

Everyone seems to think “wow, what a tragic musical decade that was;” but if you say that, shut your cake hole. I failed to mention one band that is also at the top of my list: Missing Persons. Oh, you laugh and say what the fuck? But shame on you! You are all closet Missing Persons fans and you just won’t admit it.

Dale Bozzio was so hot, wearing those almost see-through, short outfits. Yes, they were crazy looking, but it was the 80’s! And they had a lot of successful hits, like Walking in LA, Mental Hopscotch, Color in your Life, and my personal favorite: Words (which you can watch below).

Take care, you closet 80’s freaks, and have a totally tubular time. One more quick jab, Lady Gaga got all her ideas from the 80’s, she is a hack!

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