Energía Rubi

Zoé is a band that through the last few years has become a staple in my list of groups I love.  This Mexico City based band has triumphed against all the odds.  Paying their dues while building a rabid fan base is what introduces all of us to this trend setting ensemble.

Four albums later and 7 months later the things I love in my life come full circle.  Zoé had a call to action for all fans to submit a 10 second video of what they thought energy meant to them.  Me and Jolynn decided to humor the request and filmed footage.  The first idea I had was to hold Rubi up to the sun and film 10 seconds of that, Soon after we changed the idea to putting Rubi up in front of our old 1995 TV with a white static in the back ground.  After 3 takes one including our daughter slobbering everywhere we sent off the footage.

Fast forward to yesterday where I come across the video on http://zoetheband.com. I watched the video with minimal expectations due to the fact that I was never sent a confirmation.  But at point 2:37 I saw my daughters beautiful face glowing in the video.  It was surreal amazing feeling to see the combination of two things I love some together.  Enjoy Zoé : Energía (Feat. Rubi Marie Diaz Vallejo) 🙂


#FMD >> Zoé : Energía

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