One-hit wonders, we all loved them.

Written By Matthew Meichle

Ah, the 80’s… yes, I am going back there. Let me break the ice with a joke I heard back in the day: What is grosser than Vaseline on Olivia Newton-John? Come on Eileen! Hahahah, too funny, right? Some of you might not get that, but it always cracks me up.

So let me talk to you about one-hit wonders, and how you all say the 80’s were full of them. Yes, this is true; but if you do a little research, every decade had them and not just the 80’s. The 90’s were rife with them, here are a few examples: Deep Blue Something, Marcy Playground, Vanilla Ice, Chumbawumba and the list goes on and on. But the difference about the one-hit wonders of my decade is that all the songs mattered to me. Every time I hear them it takes me back to the best time in my life, hanging out on the beach and listening to our favorite songs. One-hit wonder or not, these songs will always make me think of the great times. Just as all the people who grew up in the 90’s will listen to these songs when they are older, and think of all the great times they had.

Music transcends time, and it always comes back around; you can hear it in new bands all the time. I have heard plenty of bands from this decade that sound a lot like 80’s bands. And it’s cool, keep it going, and next decade we will hear some 90’s sounding tunes. Amy Winehouse was a great example of old music coming back around. To me she sounded like she came from the 50’s with her style of singing; it was a vintage sound.

 I proudly admit, I listen to a lot of types of music. From Hardcore, Rap, Pop, and even a little Country; I also love Blues and Jazz. I think we all get stereotyped sometimes, though. For example, I saw all these hardcore fans at a Korn show awhile back, and I thought to myself that here are a bunch of people who wouldn’t be caught dead listening to Oingo Boingo, or Devo, or Marcy Playground… but who knows? They might love the shit out of these bands, but they aren’t going to show up at a Korn concert wearing a Right Said Fred shirt (I sure as shit wouldn’t!). We all need to expand our minds, listen to other things and not just one genre, and not be afraid to let people know we listen to Slayer but can jam out just as hard to Greased Lightning. Trust me, I loves me some Slayer, Sepultura and all the fucking heavy bands out there, but I need a break from all the ear-splitting metal, and just want to relax with a song that will take me back to the awesome days of being young and not having anything to worry about (like bills or a job).

 So I say keep the one-hit wonders coming! Hell, people are going to love the fuck out of them and who knows… if you write a one-hit wonder it might end up on a commercial, and the royalty checks will pour in.

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