‘Otra vez’ te vamos a mover como si fuera la primera vez

Los Tetas are back with the original line up to prove they are the modern day kings of funk! Countless attempts have been made to imitate the magic that Los Tetas brought to the Latin alternative scene in the 1990’s.  Every group was always left in the shadow of these James Brown disciples.

‘Otra Vez’ is a great track that reiterate they reign supreme in the funk hemisphere with  Prince, Bootsy Collins, Kool & The Gang, & Funkadelic Parliament.  Time, C-Funk, Rulo & Pepino are back funkier than ever.

Watch there Funktastic’ Session Zero & download the single!

 #FMD >> Los Tetas : Otra Vez [Single]

For more information on ‘Los Tetas’ go to http://www.lostetas.cl/

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