Train, WTF were you thinking!

Written By Matthew Meichle

So my wife loves to listen to music especially while we are cleaning the house, she hates my heavy metal side so that is out of the question.  She puts it on the MC hit list station that plays, new pop music like Selena Gomez, and Justin Timberlake, and so on shit that I really can’t stand.  So we are cleaning right and this band comes on that sounds really familiar to me and I stop what I am doing and check out who it is.  And it’s Train and the song is called Drive By, and I think to myself WTF.  Well this station does not play video’s it’s just music so I quickly get on You tube and watch this video and all the while I am laughing my ass off.

When I found out it was called Drive By I had to laugh as when I think of the term Drive By I don’t picture Train in anyway shape or form.  To me a song called Drive By would be a little more hardcore, as a Drive By is not really a  good thing, it makes me think of gang members getting back at a rival gang and doing a drive by which is shooting at people in a car with a gun.  Then Train comes along and turns it into a pop hit that just makes me gag, I do not like violence but come on don’t turn a menacing title into a pop hit.  The lyrics just crack me up they use the word two ply and hefty bag, really come on WTF.

I wasn’t expecting Train to roll up on this woman and do some harm to her, but you did use the word Drive by in your song.  But no, it’s about a guy who meets a girl they have sex, and he leaves but he is sad, and grabs his buddies and his cool cars and drives out to where she works and serenades her.  He is just saying that he is not hitting it and quitting it, this is his meaning for the word drive by totally cheesy. While this song is probably popular and has reached the billboards top 20, they should have not called the song Drive By, at all, call it Drive thru or something less menacing than Drive by, this is false advertisement Train, and I don’t appreciate it.

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One Response to Train, WTF were you thinking!

  1. Pablo says:

    This was fucking lame… a waste of time

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