Am I the only one who remembers that summer

Mad Season came into my life like most good records, it called to me. Sounds weird believe me I know.  This does not happen with all music only with good records.  But this surreal explanation is for another time. Back to Layne, Mike, John & Barrett know to all as Seattle’s second super group.  In 1994 these very troubled individuals came together to bring the world the suicidal drug abused album ‘Above.’

The more I listen to this album the more it moves me to the core.  You hear pure desperation and regret in every line of this epic. ‘Above’ plays out like a Greek tragedy of a man’s paramount struggle with substance abuse and uphill battle to absolute sobriety.  Every song takes you deeper and deeper in to the desperation and loneliness hard drugs leaves you with after it rapes you of any self-dignity.

There are tiny dim flash lights of self-awareness that romanticizes the attempt of getting off drugs. But in the end our protagonist is left with nothing more than an empty ‘bag’ of a man clinging to his depression as a shield.  This story is told beautifully by four members who have all dealt with this trying ordeal.  I leave you with their most beautifully recorded live show at the landmark Moore Theatre.  If you do not own ‘Above’ go out and buy it now because there is so much life in dying.

Lifeless Dead
River of Deceit
I Don’t Know Anything
Long Gone Day
X-Ray Mind
All Alone
November Hotel

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