Adventures in Music Collecting: Diggin’ in the Crates

Today I started to upload great albums that I miss.  My good friend Nico (aka The Worm) brought two folders full of music from my collection in storage back home.  What I learned looking through these nostalgic albums is that not all the albums are classics. I was a kid so I was exploring my taste in music.  I am not particularly fond of my electronic music phase. I have collected many rare and interesting gems and I am truly a music snob.

I will be uploading the better albums from my collection and throw in a couple embarrassing ones for good measure.

At The Drive In : El Gran Orgo EP

This is a great EP from the band that went on to be Mars Volta.  I bought this before ATDI madness started to take over.  The drumming is crap and the guitar lacked that Jim Ward feel we learned to love.  None the less it is a delightful post-hardcore relic.

John Coltrane : Blue Train

I do not remember when or if I even bought this album.  I do remember buying a Coltrane box set in a very stormy part of my life.  I purchased the box set because one day I felt I needed some ‘Jazz’ in my life.  Plus I wanted to show up a fellow music collector friend by being able to drop the asking price of $200 like nothing.  No regrets to this day still have the box set and still listen to it and I am not even friends with that guy anymore.  Wait a minute?

Dr. Octagon : Dr. Octagonecologyst

I just heard this album on ‘Spotify.’ I wonder if what I just said will be relevant to people to read this in 2020.  The reason behind me taking a new interest in the Dr.’s music was the fact that a close friend of mine was opening up for him.  This is a beautiful example of hip-hop as art.  I am sad that I really never appreciated it then more.  It was one of the credible albums you had in your collection to show off.  Now I love it and each time I hear it I miss hip hop that took risks.

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