Dressed To Not Impress

Written By Matthew Meichle

Fashion has never been my strong point, and I really don’t care too much but I should be able to come up with something decent to wear at a metal show.  It is 1990, can’t remember the month, as I am getting old and am losing my mind.  JUDAS PRIEST, finally coming to Anchorage, AK.  Must get tickets, but how as I am stuck in the field way up north on an Army training exercise.  While I am stressing out on if I will be back in time to get tickets before they sell out let me tell you something about one of the best Metal bands of all times.  Well as I said earlier the year is 1990 and Judas Priest’s latest and probably one of their heaviest albums of all time comes out.  It is called Painkiller, and boy does it deliver, the brilliant pounding of the double bass during the intro to the title track is just the beginning of what is one of Metals greatest albums.  Every song on these albums is a classic and they should have all been number one hits on the billboard top 100.

From the eerie song Night crawler to the anthem like one shot at glory, this album is heavy all the way thanks to new drummer Scott Travis.  Well I finally get news that me and a few other people get to head back home a couple of days early, so I pack up and we head out.  I bust my ass, to unpack then I shit, shower and shave, and I hop in cab and head downtown to get my tickets.  Victory is mine, they have not sold out, and I get my hands on one of my favorite concerts of all times.  I wish I could tell you who opened for them, but I don’t remember all I cared about was JP.  

So the day has finally arrived my friend comes to the barracks and we pound a few beers and head out.  Now at the time what I was wearing, didn’t really dawn on me as being really ridiculous, but as I am reminded of that time long ago, I like What The Fuck was I thinking; if I were to wear that know I would probably be stoned to death.  So be kind and don’t judge me too harshly, as it was the early 90’s we were in Alaska and fashion was a year behind.  I know you are all dying to hear what I was wearing and some might not think it that bad, but it was.  So I a rocking my Army mountain boots, blue jeans with wholes in both knees, a Lakers tee shirt of their back to back championships, and a Satin Lakers jacket.  But that is not all I am rocking a bandana I got in Japan, it is white with the red circle on it, and I tied it around my right leg on my thigh.  How UN-metal is that, I think I would have been fine with the boots and jeans, and just a tee shirt.  I am happy to say, I still go to concerts but I don’t dress like a freak, looking back dressed as I was I should have been at a New Kids on the Block concert.  So just go as you are just leave the bandanas on your head, and the satin jackets at home.

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