‘Julieta’ Is A Punk Rocker

I was working for Cookman International organizing my boss’s album collection when I came across the album ‘NO’ from Tijuana No.  The cover of the album was far from appealing.  I took it to the main stereo we had in are office and as soon as I played the first track my coworker gave me her opinion of the album.

“Shitty album from a semi-decent band; the only good thing about this album is Julieta on ‘Pobre de Ti.”

She then forwarded to the mentioned track and put the volume up.

Before we move forward I have to confess that I had a huge crush on Julieta Venegas sinceseeing her in the video for De Mis Pasos.’  I was into everything she did.  I read her lyrics like a Christian reads the bible. She could do no wrong in my eyes, it was bad.  So much so that I even dedicated a whole day locked in my room painting to her album ‘Aquí.’

So as soon as I heard she was on a track with TJ NO I was all ears.  The intro to ‘Pobre de Ti’ was a bit to spacey and offsetting for my taste.  Then it soon built up into a Maldita Vecindad rhythm.  This instantly taped into my love for Latin Alternative ska. The raspy sexy voice behind the main vocals was fantastic I did not learn until later that they belonged to the gorgeous ‘Cecilia Bastida.’  In the back ground you could hear non other then a soulful and at the same time rage filled ‘Venegas.’  I was sold!

That same year I met and drove  Julieta around L.A. soon after I crossed paths with Tijuana No  while touring with the mighty ‘Fabulosos Cadillacs.’ Both were very interesting moments that one day I will share.

Below you can see a beautiful pregnant Julieta on stage with Tijuana No at Vive Latino 2010. Enjoy

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