Everybody Needs A ‘Fix.’

I love Ministry and until now I could not really explain why.  As a teen I always gravitated to the strange and interesting in art.  In music I always believed that music should challenge a listener and make them dig deep to apreciate it.  Al Jourgensen and company did this very well.

In my later years I find myself revisiting artists I grew up with because either they have a movie or box set out.  I guess the system has a way not letting you go of the past, Kudos to the system (I guess).   So my close friend came to visit the US on a soul searching trip and left behind a few things skate wheels, and accordion and the pre ordered FIX that arrived the day he left (Sorry dude I opened it).

This movie is for people who like to watch car crashes while justifying their nostalgia. I say this because this is what happened to me.  I watched as Doug Freel told the story of these Industrial ant-superheroes rose and fell from fame.   It also follows a paranoid fun loving front man who romanticizes his addiction.  This is all edited together with amazing tour footage and beautiful interviews with a hand full of my favorite artists, everybody from Lemmy (Motorhead) to David Yow (The Jesus Lizard).

To best breakdown this movie I created bullet points of what I got from the film.

  • Al is now called Alien
  • Dave Navarrow still annoys me but for some reason I would love to be him for a day
  • David Yow is the man and I need to listen to a lot more ‘The Jesus Lizard’
  • Paul Barker reminds me of my best friend Nico
  • I need to see Ministry live before Al dies
  • ‘Use drugs to expand’
  • Jonathan Davis (Korn) & Maynard (Tool) both dislike Limp Bizkit
  • The Melvins I really need to enjoy more
  • Lemmy is a guy I would drink with
  • Trent Reznor tries very hard to be liked
  • Bullet proof vest don’t just look good live but they might save your life
  • A lot of ‘underground’ rock star have their own bus
  • I still love Ministry
  • Skinny Puppy wants to be cooler than they really are.  Kind of like their fans
  • Casey Chaos (Amen) is a mess now.  I am glad I never thought his band was worth my time
  • Record labels believe your more under control when you have a drug habit
  • Never let your girlfriend go on tour with Ministry
  • Most heads of big music labels have no idea their artists are on drugs
  • “Thieves! liar!
    Inside, outside, which side, you don’t know
    My side, your side, their side, we don’t know
    Which side are they? which side are they?”

The record business side was great to watch.  I am glad to see how Warner really supported ‘Ministry’ apart from them blowing most of the invested money on drugs and what not.  I guess the same would happen if Katy Perry blew her money on ‘speed.’

If you get the chance watch the movie but be warned just because you heard N.W.O or owned the album Psalm 69 you don’t know shit about this band or what they are about.

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