Adventures in Music Collecting: Left Overs

I spent the weekend over my good friend Brian’s house.  He is restarting his life in the United States again this time with a family.  It is always great touching base with old friends especially Mr.Wallis.  Like most of my friends I was the musical epicenter or at least I want to believe that. Recently he has nicknamed me his music ‘Pusher.’ I am still not sure how much I like this new name.  It is not my fault I have to put him up to speed with everything I am into.

It just happens to be instead of trying to introduce him to any new bands I introduced him to new technology like spotify (which he calls now Spotif’) and netflix.  See what I am dealing with.  After making fun of Beto Cuevas new solo album and listening to various classics I found a small CD case on his table.  This is weird because my friend sold off all his music to make ends meet at one time.  Do not judge, only I can do that!  He quickly told me that the book  belonged to our friend Sergio who left it one drunken evening.  After various attempts to return it he decided it was better miles away with him and his family in the USA.

So I borrowed it to see if I could see what I could album I could keep and see what kind of person would leave his semi music collection behind.  I believe you can tell a lot about a person by what they listen to.

I share with you the collection of Sergio in order discovered:

Billy JoelGreatest Hits Vol. II (‘It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me’ reeks of cool and is ageless.)

R.E.M.Automatic For The People (Had this on tape once so was great to have it now. Masterpiece!)

DidoLife For Rent (She made more than one album & why?)

The CranberriesEverybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Don’t We? (Never cared much for this band.  All the cool kids loved them and even an ex-girlfriend. Hence, why she ended up my ex.)

The ClashLondon Calling (Own everything from this band.  So no need. But Sergio just got cooler.)

Jarabe De Palo La Flaca (Sergio just lost his cool points.)

Mano NegraAmerika Perdida (For some reason I got into this band later and always love discovering their classic albums.)

Andrea BocelliRomanza (Not into Italian pop very much.  Did not make the cut for me. Did I really know Sergio? Was Sergio Italian?)

Norah JonesFeels Like Home (Yes it does)

Jane BirkinVersions Jane (French pop grunge, ça craint.)

The Rolling Stones Forty Licks [Disc 1] (Would need part 2 to feel complete.  So no go.)

The CranberriesNo Need To Argue (Yes there is! Too much of this band can be bad for your health.  I fear for the future of Sergio.)

Eric ClaptonUnplugged (Now I feel ready to hear this album.  Interesting music footnote, Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain reconciled their differences backstage and slow danced to ‘Tears in Heaven.’)

David BowieA Reality Tour (DVD, so no go)

Guns N RosesBurnt CD (Heard it through and you cannot have a GnR compilation without ‘Estranged’ and ‘Rocket Queen!’ Bad Sergio Bad Sergio!)

LiveThrowing Copper (I actually just heard this on Spotif’ a few months ago.  I am a sucker for this album.)

Disney60 Years Of Musical Magic (WTF Sergio?)

StingTen Summoner’s Tales (I believe I am in the right place to listen to Sting and enjoy him.)

Billy JoelGreatest Hits Vol. II (My collection is complete!)

Eros RamazzottiDonde Hay Musica (Now I know why I and Sergio did not talk very much in school.)

Cat StevensThe Very Best Of (For some reason I cannot burn this.  The universe does not think I am ready for Yusuf Islam.)

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