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& I don’t care one bit that the pines are gone, But I do care what they look like at dawn

Written By Ana Treviño Every time I discover a band from a small town it makes me extremely happy because everyone thinks that in order to make it you have to move out to cities like LA or New York. Luckily … Continue reading

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Adventures in Music Collecting: Grenudos locos, Ratas, y mis Consentidos

I guess I am a member of the ‘Brujeria’ fan club? Credibility is an understatement at this point.  I don’t remember exactly where I came across this EP but I do remember hearing Brujeria as a kid falling deeply in … Continue reading

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Motel Ultra : Reception

Cienfue | Vortex L.O.B.A. | Tunel David Binoise | Espuma Negra Los Paranoias | Atrapados Roy Cañedo | Incendialo Todo Zebra | Calle Total Mantarraya | Plazma Edgar Castellanos | Inmersion The Cassettes | Motel Ultra Los Marty | Predador … Continue reading

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Mike Patton Cañonazos Bailables

Mike Patton has always had a love affair with foreign languages particularly Italian and Spanish.   There is no doubt this multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter has no creative limit at all.  This is very evident in all his musical ventures from Mr.Bungle, Faith No … Continue reading

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There Are No Monks In My Band; There Are No Saints In This Land

The first time I knew of the existences of Funky Monks at a Bruce Meli’s house.  He was in his fourth year and on his way to get a job in this so called ‘Music Business.’  I was helping him … Continue reading

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Lanzamiento: Motel Ultra (Mamá Vudú : Covers & Remixes)

EL AGUIJÓN EN SU 6TO ANIVERSARIO PRESENTA LANZAMIENTO DE MOTEL ULTRA (MAMÁ VUDÚ : COVERS & REMIXES) PRESENTACIÓN EN VIVO – CIENFUE              – L.O.B.A.           – MUNN                 – DAVID BINOISE @llapingachoblog @elaguijon @mamavudu Descarga El … Continue reading

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David Lee Roth for President!

Written By Matthew Meichle Van Halen, one of rocks greatest bands of all time, the wailing guitar of Eddie, the bold singing style of Diamond David Lee Roth. The precision pounding on the drums by Alex Van Halen, and last … Continue reading

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