David Lee Roth for President!

Written By Matthew Meichle

Van Halen, one of rocks greatest bands of all time, the wailing guitar of Eddie, the bold singing style of Diamond David Lee Roth. The precision pounding on the drums by Alex Van Halen, and last but not least the bass of Micheal Anthony. Ok right now a lot of you might be thinking no not another debate on what Van Halen is better David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar. No my friends no debate here those have been done to death, all I want to talk about is an album that rocks from track to track. I am talking about none other than Diamond David Lee Roth’s full length studio solo album. Eat ‘Em and Smile. To me this is an epic album showcasing David’s talent as a signer and showmen. First off he had three of the industry’s best, guitar virtuoso Steve Vai, bassist Billy Sheehan, and Greg Bissonette. This is one powerful ass line up one of the best, and after losing Eddie, Michael and Alex, he would need these three and they delivered. From the title track, Yankee Rose you can just tell this album is going to kick you in the balls, and leave you begging for more.

This songs starts out with a Steve Vai riff, and David comes in and the exchange between them is electrifying, I mean Steve is making his guitar talk, and after the end of this exchange Steve makes his guitar laugh. You can take a listen to it below. David doesn’t pull any punches, he must have been wanting to do this type of album for a long time. He even throws in a couple of lounge songs ‘I’m Easy’ and that’s Life kind of like a rocking Frank Sinatra. Ladies’ Nite in Buffalo is a mellow song which is kind of bluesy in a way, and the heavy and hard hitting Elephant gun. This album is a heavy hitting one of a kind, bitch-en album. A great debut solo album from one of the best lead men off all time. What could he do next, I couldn’t wait, with this lineup he was going to be unstoppable. Then the album Skyscraper comes out and although not a huge commercial success, it is in my opinion a good album. With songs like Skyscraper, Just like Paradise, and Hot Dog and a shake, which reminded me a little bit like Ice Cream Man. We’ll all good things must come to an end, and Billy Sheehan and Steve Vai would leave before their tour started to pursue other projects.

To me this was an all-time great line up, but sadly it ended. I get it people fight, they have creative differences. However as we all know David had a huge ego, and I am not placing blame, on one man but he did lose out on Van Halen, only to rejoin them years later. Sometimes break up’s are good, and sometimes they are bad, from Van Halen breaking up, we got two awesome albums from David, and now they are back. However with that being said, I just want to point out that if you are in an awesome band, and you have problems. Fucking work them out, or take a break and do a side project but for your loyal fans please keep bring the shit, we are paying your salary you know that right. Oh and one more thing before I go, I told you in the beginning I wasn’t going to debate David Vs Sammy, I will say this though. Van Halen will always be David, Eddie, Alex and Micheal, but I dug the shit out of all the Sammy Van Hagar albums. So till next time all you music fans out there take a bite, and Eat ‘Em and Smile.

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