There Are No Monks In My Band; There Are No Saints In This Land

The first time I knew of the existences of Funky Monks at a Bruce Meli’s house.  He was in his fourth year and on his way to get a job in this so called ‘Music Business.’  I was helping him box up some of his things for his great trip to L.A.  On a basic wooden shelf he had a mix of Promo VHS Tapes, CD’s & DVD’s.   I remember seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers DVD and it just stood out and looked so cool amongst all the random media around it.

I remember asking him about it and he knew very little about it apart from it being a documentary about the recording of Blood Sugar Sex Magik which to this day is still one of my favorite albums.  Most people will try to throw their credibility around by saying the best album is Mothers Milk.  Avoid these people at cost!  The drop old album names like agents drop famous people’s name.

After finishing up what we could that day.  We sat on his Salvation Army couch and watched the documentary.  Funky Monks gives you a first person perspective on the recording process of an epic album which spawned two amazing B-sides Soul to Squeeze and the lesser known Sikamikanico. To not spoil too much about this film (which I included in its full form below) you should be warned that this film also gives you an insight to the drug induced come of the Chili Peppers lead at the moment.  Seeing Frusciante and Flea playing in this state was truly amazing. 

 It is sad and great to know re-watching this now that John dived head first into drugs that kept him from playing great music and then rose out of his addiction like a phoenix.  I recommend hearing To Record Only Water for Ten Days after watching this to see how he bounced back from his substance abuse problems.

I cannot say The Peppers are my favorite band.  They are not even in my top 10 but none the less this time of their their career was golden.  Blood Sugar Sex Magik is their opus.

Funky Monks [Full Documentary]

Sikamikanico (‘Under the Bridge’ B-Side)

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