Adventures in Music Collecting: Grenudos locos, Ratas, y mis Consentidos

I guess I am a member of the ‘Brujeria’ fan club? Credibility is an understatement at this point.  I don’t remember exactly where I came across this EP but I do remember hearing Brujeria as a kid falling deeply in love with them.  It bridges a heavy metal gap between Latin America and US.  Being that the band rotated members of Fear Factory, Carcass, Cradle of Filth and Faith No More amongst others made it more accessible in the US in the new metal era.

Everything from there merchandising to their image was perfect.  I am still hunting for their version of the Mexico soccer jersey!  They played the role of crazy Mexican narcos.  Imagine Los Zetas if they had a metal group.  I guess you can call Brujeria the ‘Tigres Del Norte’ of their time.  Maybe that is a stretch.

My Second memory is playing the track ‘Marijuana’ for the first time.  This public that was already used to odd obscure hits courtesy of my musical taste went crazy when they heard Macarena a la Brujeria!

Sadly the band now tours and the mystic and random spin offs of the band brought everything I loved about this band to a halt.  ‘Matando Güeros’ to ‘Raza Odiada’ will always be my favorite era.

Now I remember I came across this EP New York.  Funny that David’s sister Sally Mack was in the room when I first wanted to hear the EP and her being older explained to her ‘Gringo’ boyfriend that Brujeria was a mock hard core band.  I was offended then but now I have to say she was right on the nail!

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