& I don’t care one bit that the pines are gone, But I do care what they look like at dawn

Written By Ana Treviño


Every time I discover a band from a small town it makes me extremely happy because everyone thinks that in order to make it you have to move out to cities like LA or New York. Luckily I’ve been delving for music that isn’t too electronic based with an actual singer and I came across a gem called “Hundred Waters.” Coming from the college town of Gainesville, FL this 5-piece formed in the fall of 2011 although some of the members come from the band Levek, which also formed in Gainesville. Having first heard them off a remix of their song “Thistle” by Tokimonsta, I was pleasantly surprised at their unique sound.

I went ahead and looked for their album and heard another song that completely blew me away off their self-titled EP named “Boreal.”

Not only do they blend flutes, synths, and harmonious vocals, they take you on a journey throughout the entire album. The gradual progression from one track to the next not only soothes your soul but also puts you in a trance-like state that will keep you at ease all day. I’ve had this album on repeat for the past month and have not grown tired of it yet.  

Luckily for us Miami folk, Hundred Waters will be performing during Art Basel next week at the Miami Project Art Fair on Thursday, Dec. 6 located in Wynwood off NE 1st Ave & NE 30 St. Although it is a private event, MOCA members will have access to the event. If you get a chance to see them, please do. You’ll feel like you’ve entered a dream.

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