Enough with the covers, some original Christmas songs please

Written By Matthew Meichle

Well fellow music lovers, since it is the Christmas season I thought I would blog about Christmas songs, don’t get me wrong I love Christmas songs.  The only thing I dislike is there aren’t very many of them and everyone has done a cover of them.  I thought you guys were musicians; you’re just like the movie industry just redoing someone else’s work.  I mean come on it seems like I hear about 5 songs on the Christmas Pandora station, before I hear the same one again but this time it is Michael Buble.   I swear the only Christmas songs are Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Silent Night, Deck the Halls and some more that I can’t quite remember. ( I am getting old you know).


I know there are original songs too like New York City Christmas, and all I want for Christmas is you, but these too are being redone by different artists.  You artists out there make a shit load of money for your abilities to write and sing songs, so come on, do us a favor and make up some new ones, at least when Twisted Sister did a Christmas album, it was different as I have never heard Christmas songs in the key of HEAVY METAL.  So stop singing about Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, or Frosty marching down the streets of town, or even Decking the Halls.

I want some, updated Christmas songs like “Waiting in line on black Friday (hope I don’t get trampled)” Or “Christmas isn’t about giving it’s about getting the best fucking spot at the mall, by any means necessary”.  Or how about a song about the poor Walmart employee who gets trampled to death because you absolutely need that 50″ fucking TV to make your Christmas awesome, but fuck old Charlie whose life you destroyed cause you’re a greedy asshole.

Ok sorry about the rant there at the end but it was building up to that anyway.  So maybe we shouldn’t update the classics, just stop redoing them and let old Bing Crosby, Burl Ives and all the other singers sing of the past Christmas’s; before everyone became a little less about Christmas and more about themselves.   Oh and what about Thanksgiving, why isn’t there any songs about Thanksgiving?

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