My feet are so cold & I can’t believe that I have to bang my head against this wall again


Over my holiday break I promised I would disconnect from everything technology.  I was doing well for a whole week and a half until I heard an unusual Blind Melon song on the radio.  It was nothing rare just not the usual mind numbing grunge pop hit ‘No Rain.’  Suddenly I remembered about that a lost tape of old recordings from had surfaced a while back.  To say the least my break had come to an end and the hunt began!


Blind Melon guitarist Christopher Thorn came across some rare recordings in the Capitol Records vault.  These were mostly demos and acoustic solo renditions from the ‘Soup’ album era and tons of rare and alternative versions of songs that also were included on the album ‘Nico.’At one point Mislabeled as ‘The Sippin’ Time Sessions’ these tracks have taken on a life of their own.  TSTS is actually a session that was produced by David Briggs of Neil Young fame. The beautiful ‘Soul One’ came from these sessions.

Other songs from these sessions/ 5 songs demo tape are Dear Old Dad, Tones of Home, Seed to a Tree and Mother.

From Blind Melon‘s facebook it seems TSTS will be released!

This is what I am mixing today. Lost 24 track tapes from Blind Melon – “sippin time sessions”! 1st of 5 songs. Soul One. I have not herd this is 20 years! So fun. -brad

In lieu of all of this I am sharing some of the rarer Hoon/Melon songs I came across in this hunt.

Frosting a Cake (Soup Outtake)
I Feel The Earth Move (Carole King Cover)
Weeping Like The Willow (Shannon Hoon Solo)
Pull (Acoustic)
Untitled In C
Deserted (Acoustic)
Brittle Little Baby
Soup (Demo)
Swallowed (Soup Outtake)
No Lyrics
Everyday (Shannon Hoon Solo)
Flea Market Pete (Shannon Hoon)
Satanic Mamas And Papas aka Car Seat (God’s Presents) (Demo)

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