Deftones, possibly one of the best bands of all time

Written By Old Man


Hello everyone I hope you all had a great holiday season, and hope your New Year is going well so far. My mind is a little cloudy with not knowing what to blog about for the New Year. I have decided to talk a little bit about one of my favorite bands, probably top 5. The Deftones, I know there have been thousands of blogs about this great rock band, I just want to throw in my two cents.

I was fortunate enough to have seen them three times, and they are one of the best live acts I have seen. There sound and showmanship is amazing and the mosh pit was intense, and I am by no means a hard core mosher. I did learn a valuable lesson, and still to this day I am not sure if there are rules to a mosh pit.

The first show I went to was at the Paramount in Seattle WA. This is a fairly small venue, but the acoustics are sick, as we were patiently waiting for the Deftones to play, I was standing by a curtain, and my curiosity got the better of me so I peeked behind it, and to my surprise I was staring at none other than Stephen Carpenter. I didn’t know what to do so I just smiled said hi and closed the curtain, wow what an epic fail on my part. A few minutes later the lights started to dim, and at this moment I knew the show was going to start and boy was I pumped. The first song I knew immediately, the guitars and drums came at me fast and heavy, it was Engine No 9 off their first album Adrenaline, and this got the crowed whipped into frenzy, so I decided to give the pit a try.

So I am moshing up a storm when I decided to just jump into the air, and this huge hulk of a man decides at the exact moment when I have reached the apex of my jump to push me. What the fuck, holy shit I am going to die, why me but with my cat like speed and reflexes I safely land on my feet, rather clumsily but on my feet nonetheless. This was my last time in the mosh pit, too old for that shit, and obviously I don’t know the rules involved, but I mean was that a legal move on his part to slam into me while I was in the air, I think not.

I was able to see them two more times, at a place called DV8 and I believe at the show-box both in Seattle. To me every album they put out just gets better and better, even though they are not as heavy as Adrenaline or Around the Fur. This makes no difference to me, as just his voice together with the arrangements, makes the Deftones by far one kick ass band. When Diamond Eyes came out, I was floored on how awesome it was and thought they can’t top this, they can make another good album but it can’t be better than this one. I was sadly mistaken, with the release of Koi No Yokan I realized that this is a band that cares about the quality of an album, by exceeding their standards every time. For those of you who have not listened to Deftones, please give them a shot, you will be amazed at how incredibly talented they are. I recommend them all Adrenaline, Around the Fur, White Pony, Deftones, Saturday Night Wrist, Diamond Eyes, and KoiNo Yokan.

The Deftones Live At UCI Bren Events Center

Chi Cheng their original bassist is still recovering from a car accident and I am praying for a complete recovery and hopefully he can return to the lineup. If you would like to donate to help Chi go here

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