You know that it hurts me when you don’t come home at night

Written By Ana Treviño


Coming from the cold north that is Canada, Austra is an up and coming electronic band with a wonderful dark hint to them. Their successful debut album Feel It Break ( graced us back in 2011 with their remarkably well crafted single Beat and the Pulse.

The entire album is a well-produced and incomparable due to lead singer Katie Stelmanis’ vocals. Being a classically trained vocalist she sang for the Canadian Children’s Opera at age 10 with intentions of pursuing a career in classical music. Luckily, she was introduced to electronic music as well as punk and industrial and she has now enriched us with her voice. (Heather Phares, Rovi)

Austra has announced the release of their second full-length album titled Olympia which is due out on June 18 in the US through Domino Records. They have released their first single for the album titled Home and brings us back to their harmonious vocals and beats. If you haven’t heard them yet, enjoy their first album until June so you can be well acquainted with their seductive sounds.

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