Toda la noche es la misma historia, tú duermes yo sigo zombie…


Creating a good cover is a art in itself.  Making the song your own I believe is the trick.  Rebooting the essence and giving the song a whole new dimension are essential in the longevity of a epic cover song.

Andrea Balency took on covering the oddest of Jumbo tracks and like a musical scientist she re-conjured the most beautiful version of a straight forward indie rock track.  She transformed this Latin Alternative song into a smooth R&B odyssey that whispers sexuality in your ear.

I was reintroduced to Jumbo by a good friend a few years back and listened to their masterpiece “Restaurant” for some reason I over looked the song “Tu Me Ves.”  After hearing Andrea‘s rendition to the song I find my self trying to hear what she heard in this track. Why did she pick it. I find myself floored by her rendition.

I have heard some of her tracks before but nothing like this. So please enjoy this dose of audible sexy and right after please listen to the original.

La sensación de cuando me ves,
me recuerdas una pistola,

Porque te acercas con la mira en alto,
disparas a quemarropa….

Te escondes entre la colcha y me ves,
que sigo jugando funkin’,

Toda la noche es la misma historia,
tú duermes yo sigo zombie…

Así como me ves asi me quieres asi…así…

La cama tiene el aroma a tu piel palida flor de la noche.
Hay un dibujo donde tu a mi me ves
aguantando el maldito derroche.

Así como me ves asi me quieres asi…así…

+ Jumbo:

+ Andrea Balency:

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